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When I first started this archive in 2018, I just wanted there to be a singular place where you could find people who were willing to house your touring band. That idea blossomed beautifully into a place that provided a lot more archives that were "sourced by the scene".

But as we all know, in 2020 life as we knew it has changed and so did the industry we're in. There are so many things that are different now and I have no idea if there's a place for this site anymore, but it's here, if you need it.

We've scaled back the archives and are starting from scratch. But supporting your fellow rockers still means, whatever our roles may be in the music industry, we cannot coexist without supporting one another. And everyone is a fellow rocker -- from musicians to photographers, merch managers to fans, and anything in between or beyond.

Thanks for being here.


Your Fellow Rocker Mo



Finding places to stay while on the road can be difficult and sometimes scary. Browse the list of hosts or fill out the form to let bands know you've got them covered!



There are only so many modified Taco Bell meals you can have on tour. Well, maybe not, but maybe you can fill out this form just in case someone wants something new...



Photo, video, design, oh my!

Find your next creative collaborator in this archive or fill out the form to let others know you're available to make something cool!



Friends over at Half Access, houses an archive of accessibility info on venues. Know of a venue that isn't on there?

Don't worry, you can submit them, too!



No More Dysphoria helps and benefits transgender individuals. Together, we've made a printable inclusive bathroom sign to use at your shows! 



Friends over at L.E.A.D. DIY, are all about being a resource for people who have epilepsy & other sensory sensitivities. Wanna learn more? Check 'em out!


The site is powered by suggestions and submissions from you.

Wanna see a new section? Incorrect contact information?

Go ahead and contact us if you have any questions!

Thanks for submitting!

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