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The purpose of Support Your Fellow Rockers has always been exactly that — to support our fellow rockers.

As a DIY music scene resource, it was hard for us to see how we could be of use to anyone during this unprecedented time in American history. However, there is no possible way we can stand by our own message of support and not do something as individuals, and as a group. 

We don't want to take the space away from all of the brave voices and people already putting in the effort to keep the public informed and engaged. We just want to amplify and centralize them.

Below is a spreadsheet that contains links to places to donate, petitions to sign, ways to contact your local government officials, editorial to read on dismantling your own whiteness, how to properly prepare yourself for protests and demonstrations, and any other resources. As always, the spreadsheet will be kept as up to date as possible, as organized as possible, and should you see a resource to be added you can submit it via the form.

Supporting your fellow rockers means believing that black lives matter. Show up, stay safe, stay strong.


Mo & Fellow Rockers Team

If any information in the archive is wrong, out of date, or inaccurate please email

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